Dimitra Giannakakou-Razelou “Mima” was born in Athens in 1981.

In 2002 she entered the Athens School of Fine Arts (ASKT) and graduated in 2008 when she was awarded a degree in painting with honors. Her main thesis was in visual arts in her own conceptualized art form “Sculpture of oil Colors”. She continued her postgraduate studies at the same school on a fellowship from the Institute of State Scholarships where she graduted with honors. From 2007 to 2015 she worked with the recognized sculptor Takis, as his student and as his private assistant. Since her early student years she participated in various group exhibitions in Europe. In 2006, while attending the Art School of the University Willem de Kooning Academie, under a scholarship from the Erasmus-Socrates program, her matrix animation work with the theme “Narration of life in the Universe” was exhibited on the façade of a downtown office Kpn building in Rotterdam which was desinged by the architect Renzo Piano. This animation among other similar projects is still exhibited to date. In 2010, she was awarded a prize from an exhibition-contest in Athens sponsored by Nestle on the theme “The true friendship concept”.
From 2009 to 2014 she teaching art to a municipal cultural organization for children aged 5 to 11 years old as well as in other art teaching activities in Greek public college. Most importantly she volunteered to give art therapy classes to psychiatric clinic patients of the Pan-Hellenic associaiton of families for mental health. In addition to these, she also gave private lessons to students wanting to study art in Greek and international universities. Her work has been published to various newspapers, magazines and websites.
She took part in two solo exchibitions, with the first hosted in the gallery of Els Hanappe in Athens and the second in the lobby of the Hilton hotel in Athens. She exhibits her art work in Art Galleries and Art Shops in Greece and her work has already become an integral part of many private collections. 
She founded and directs the “4Remedy” video art team with which she created the project “Color Remedy” in order to facilitate the needs of Biennaly Mykonos 2015 with the theme “Antidote”.
She has worked with a number of companies and organization (Veuve Clicquot, Kraft foods, Kiehl' s, Park House Bags, Vimadonna press) for advertising purpose thought  the creation a wide-range of art works pieces, including paintings, sculptures, illustrations and compositions.


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During her studies she focused her research in one area, which concerned the transformation of pigmentation of an original object. As a natural consequence of this, she created a series of sculptures from oil paints. These sculptures, of two dimensional color, took on an appearance of a third dimension. In other words depth was added to length and width.
More specifically, color consists of a basic way of painting and has been used over the centuries as a means of communication. Even though painting is two dimensional, this does not prevent color creating an illusion of background.
3 Dimensional art is the exclusive prerogative of sculpture. Ms Dimitra Giannakakou-Razelou inspired by color material adds the third dimension in her sculpture creations and so in this ways gives essence to space. For example, an oil-colored tube sculpture takes on the form a protruding mass.
When color is used as a mass, it keeps its clarity. The basic material stays simple and keeps its original form.
The brightness of color gives life to this form of art.