At the center of the work by Dimitria Giannakakou Razelou are color and space. Color is viewed as the ingredient of any painting, oil paint as the material that represents real color. The exhibition entitled ‘Color Chart, held at MOMA, New York in 2008, showed that many pop artists such as Gerhard Richter of Jasper Johns and earlier Marcel Duchamp, considered color itself as a means for painting and not as an illusion of color arising from Newton’s spectrum. We are thus talking, not about the color on the painter’s palette but the materiality of color as can be found ready in a tube. Frank Stella mentioned in a 1964 broadcast that he would like to preserve the paint on his canvas ‘beautiful as she is in the box’. As a result, color as material becomes real space and the space that incorporates the work of art becomes a simulation. Dimitra Giannakakou Razelou’s room is the simulation of a room, her own room transformed into oil paint, in which the walls, floor, curtain, objects, etc. are represented in real dimensions. They exceed the limits of the two dimensional canvas and refer to the hyperrealist sculptures of e.g. Duane Hanson.